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Zimmer Durom Cup & MMC

Hip replacement manufacturer Zimmer Holdings Inc. voluntarily suspended sales of the Durom Cup in July 2008, but reintroduced the product to the market a few months later. Zimmer set aside millions of dollars to compensate patients who filed lawsuits after received Durom implants and later required revision surgery after suffering serious complications.
Promoted to younger, active patients, more than 12,000 individuals have had the Durom …

Contact a Skilled Hip Replacement Attorney Today

The Law Office of Joel A. Nash has the skill and experience to hold the manufacturers of hip replacement systems accountable for the harm caused by these medical devices when they fail unnecessarily. Call our law firm nationwide at (855) 755-2978 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. It is not too late to receive compensation from manufacturer settlements, but acting quickly is imperative.

Law Office of Joel A. Nash. …

Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements and Hip Implant Failures

There are many reasons why a person may require a hip replacement, from degeneration of the hip joint due to a medical condition or severe damage to the area as the result of a serious accident. If the pain has become severe enough and physical therapy is not enough to support a person’s mobility, a person may require resurfacing of the …