Impact of a Failing Hip Replacement

Impact of a Failing Hip Replacement

The hip joint is critical to a person’s ability to walk, which means that any problems with a hip replacement system impact critical parts of a person’s life. When a hip replacement begins to fail, it can lead to localized pain, swelling, and an inability to move normally. There also may be other serious problems, such as metal toxicity if there is corrosion of the metal components of the hip replacement.

Common problems with hip replacement systems include mechanical failure of the components of the medical device, as well as defects that prevent the hip replacement from remaining in place. A person suffering from problems with the hip replacement may experience the following:

Misalignment of the hip replacement system components – this may lead to friction as the parts of the hip grind against each other. A person can endure debilitating pain from swelling, cramping, and irritation of the nerves surrounding the hip replacement;

Fractures of the bones around the implant – if there is a defect with the implant, it can cause the surrounding bone to fracture or break;

Generation of irritating metal particles – as the hip implant is worn down through use, it may lead to small metal particles that break away and cause irritation of the tissue surrounding the replacement system. This can cause severe pain, irritation of nerve ends, swelling, and other devastating injuries;

Failure to remain in place – problems with the hip replacement can lead to a shift in the implant, which may cause many problems with the function of the hip joint. This may include a dislocation or loosening of the hip replacement implant; and

Development of certain types of cancer – there are cases where the metal toxicity can lead to cancer in some patients who received a hip replacement.

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