Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements and Hip Implant Failures

Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements and Hip Implant Failures

downloadThere are many reasons why a person may require a hip replacement, from degeneration of the hip joint due to a medical condition or severe damage to the area as the result of a serious accident. If the pain has become severe enough and physical therapy is not enough to support a person’s mobility, a person may require resurfacing of the hip joint with a medical device or a complete hip replacement. This surgery is intended to restore partial or full mobility after recovery and physical therapy. However, the hip replacement and its associated painful recovery process may only be the beginning of a person’s problems if the replacement system is defective.

When a person requires a hip replacement for any reason, they have a good chance of receiving a metal-on-metal hip replacement, as opposed to a plastic or ceramic hip replacement system. This means that both the ball and socket are made of metal. Medical manufacturing firms have been experimenting with different types of hip replacement systems in addition to the ceramic-on-polyethylene or metal-on-polyethylene that have been implanted in patients for years. Although it is critical that a hip replacement device be designed with long-term use in mind, many manufacturers have placed products on the market that were defective in order to profit from a lucrative field before sufficient testing was performed.Biomet-Hip-Implant

Many people are suffering from unnecessary pain or must have additional surgeries (also called revision surgeries) because they had a hip implant that was defective or failed to function as intended once implanted. There are many types of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems and other implants that have been recalled because of problems with the components of the medical device and how they function within the body. The metal-on-metal hip implant devices comprise approximately one quarter of the devices on the market. The ball and socket system often is made of cobalt or chromium. These devices can cause a myriad of health problems, some of which may be fatal. It is critical to preserve your rights by contacting a skilled attorney today if you or a loved one has had a hip replacement and now suffer from serious complications or side-effects.

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