Wright Medical Profemur Z

Wright Medical Profemur Z

Wright Medical Technology’s CONSERVE line of metal hip implants and its Profemur Z Stem have led to a number of lawsuits after patients experienced complications. In June 2015, a California jury awarded the plaintiff $4.5 million in the first Wright hip trial.

Wright Medical Group is an orthopedic company that specialized in joint replacement and resurfacing devices. In 2013, their OrthoRecon division was sold to MicroPort Orthopedics, Inc., who continued to manufacture the hip components.

Wright Medical Conserve

The Wright Medical Conserve Acetabular Hip and Wright Medical Conserve Hip Resurfacing Systems are part of a class of large-diameter, metal-on-metal (cobalt-chromium) monoblock hip resurfacing and replacement devices. The Conserve is a metal-on-metal hip, meaning that the femoral head and the acetabular cup lining are both made of a cobalt-chromium alloy, produced in different sizes to fit the needs of the particular patient.

Wright Medical Lineage and Dynasty

Wright Medical’s Lineage and Dynasty replacement devices are available in several variations that utilize a variety of femoral head and acetabular cup materials: ceramic-on-ceramic, metal-on-polyethylene, ceramic-on-metal, and metal-on-metal. The metal-on-metal versions are made out of cobalt and chromium.